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Insignificant Bits is a quiet celebration of the creativity in the tech industry, through dark humor, self-critic, puns and maybe some dad jokes.


According to the Wikipedia article on Bit numbering the least significant bit in a binary number is the bit that gives the unit value and the most significant bit is the bit having the greatest value. I had always found it interesting that the bits at the top and the bottom were the only ones important enough to get a name.

In this sense, the “insignificant” part of the name is not to be taken as unimportant, or unworthy, but as a play of words. Insignificant Bits is about all the bits in-between that make up the tech industry, not only the ones that we actually put a name on.

Where is this stored?

Everything is done in GitHub. Feel free to submit issues (and even pull requests) if there’s some content you would like to see here.

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